Turn Back Time (2023)

This album features brand new beautiful a cappella renditions of timeless classics. Club For Five is back at it reimagining pop hits and covering many of their own favorites, ranging from Paul McCartney to Sting and Madonna to Billie Eilish. Not forgetting Finnish heavy metal phenomenon Nightwish.

Virret (2020)

A sacred music album Virret consists of Finnish and Nordic hymn favourites sung in Finnish and Swedish. Traditional Finnish sacred music is complemented with Club For Five’s acclaimed rendition of the Finlandia hymn by Jean Sibelius.

Songs Of Kirka (2019)

Reworked classics by the legendary Finnish Singer Kirka Babitzin. The rendition of the song ”Surun Pyyhit Silmistäni” won a CARA award in 2020 for its arrangement.

Jouluna LIVE (2018)

The Jouluna LIVE album features a live recording of the band’s most popular Christmas songs.

Kaikki Parhaat – Best Of 2003-2016 (2016)

Kaikki Parhaat is a compilation album spanning Club For Five’s entire discography, featuring three previously unreleased tracks: Coldplay’s hit “A Sky Full Of Stars,” the legendary children’s song “Mörrimöykky,” and our national treasure, the Finlandia Hymn.

Joulun Parhaat (2016)

Joulun Parhaat is Club For Five’s Christmas compilation album, featuring the best tracks from their two Christmas albums along with four previously unreleased songs: “Kello löi jo viisi,” “Joulukirkkoon (Joulu lapsuuden)” by S. Lukkarinen, “Sydämeeni joulun teen,” and a remix of “Äidin Porsaat” from the previously released classic “Reippahasti käypi askeleet.”

Ennen tätä hetkeä (2015)

The creation of the Ennen tätä hetkeä album began at a songwriting camp, featuring contributions not only from the band’s members but also from the Emma Award-winning Matti Mikkola and the legendary Timo Kiiskinen.

Jouluna (2013)

Jouluna is Club For Five’s second Christmas album, featuring classic Christmas songs that have been part of the group’s repertoire since its early days, such as “Maa on niin kaunis,” alongside new arrangements of traditional Christmas tunes. The album also includes two newly composed Christmas songs: the beautiful and emotive “Jouluenkeli” by J. Kannisto, and the title track “Jouluna” by E. Ursin.

Ihmiset – CD (2011)

Ihmiset features unique versions of Finnish pop and rock songs that are significant to both Finns and the band. The album includes tracks from artists such as Eppu Normaali, Aki Sirkesalo, Ultra Bra, and Kari Peitsamo.

In Concert – You’re The Voice – CD/DVD (2010)

In Concert – You’re The Voice features a live recording from the You’re The Voice tour. In addition to the DVD, it also includes a CD.

You’re The Voice – CD (2009)

You’re The Voice is Club For Five’s first and only fully English-language album to date, featuring their biggest hit, the cover of Dire Straits’ ”Brothers In Arms.”

Rekiretki – CD (2007)

Rekiretki is the band’s first Christmas album, which quickly earnt gold status upon its release.

Uni – CD (2006)

The Uni album features original songs written by both the band members and Finnish songwriters.

Ensi-ilta – CD (2004)

Ensi-ilta is Club For Five’s debut album, featuring a collection of Finnish pop, rock, and schlager gems from over the years.


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