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Club For Five – a Finnish gold-selling a cappella quintet – have toured around the world for 20 years enriching the world of a cappella with premium Nordic quality spiced up with a dose of native Finnish craziness. The group stands out with its remarkable versatility. Combination of diverse musical backgrounds and distinctive vocal abilities of the five musicians have laid foundation for striking musical vibrancy and reputation Club For Five have today. The tonal fluidity of the group extends to many genres and locations. Having a blast on big festival stages comes to Club For Five as naturally as an acoustical church performance. Club For Five is influenced by international pop and jazz, but also rooted in Nordic music tradition in their approach. The repertoire is primarily in English and Finnish, along with a little Chinese, Russian and other smaller rarities. The Dire Straits anthem Brothers in Arms (from the album You’re the Voice, Warner Music 2009) has become one of the signature songs of Club For Five…

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